lathe-apron-degreasing-01 Step one of the cleanup job is to degrease everything. I bought some foil trays from the supermarket, and employed my favourite cut-off paintbrushes, and a tin of spray degreaser for degreasing. Not a fun job, but it’s fun seeing the shiny clean parts emerge from the mucky solvent. I used compressed air to dry the parts off and that also takes any final loose stuff off.

lathe-apron-degreasing-02 Here’s the pile of parts from within the apron. Also to the upper left you can see the components that make up the threading dial. None of the metal parts have been shined up just yet, this is purely the results of degreasing and drying. I think for the non-precision parts, I’ll take a green 3M abrasive pad to them to remove any marks that I don’t like the look of.

If I choose to strip and repaint this part, I’ll give it a proper clean and prep with wax and grease remover, and then a coat of primer, then a coat or two of epoxy enamel top coat.