washer-bottle-cap-01 This is the washer bottle cap from my 2005 Honda CR-V. The plastic is old and brittle and it broke when refilling one day.

washer-bottle-cap-02 I re-drew the part in FreeCAD (an open source CAD program), after taking careful measurements from the broken part. Here’s a rendering of the model I made.

washer-bottle-cap-03 I sent that off to my friend Geoff in Port Huon just to show him the model, and he kindly printed it for me, as a surprise! Take a look at his website

washer-bottle-cap-04 We do have a small 3D printer, but it was bought broken (and not completely built), I’ve dismantled it and cleaned it, and it currently needs rebuilding. Here’s the latest picture I have of it.