wooden-dolly01 I made a wooden dolly a few months ago for a planer thicknesser that I acquired. That thicknesser wasn’t right for my workshop, so I decided to sell it. The dolly it was on has come in very handy for several uses though!. In particular, I’ve been using it in combination with a sawhorse, to support one end of my trailer as I gradually rebuild it. I could really do with another dolly to hold the other end of the trailer, and for general use after that. I have some more of those casters, so I’m making another.

In that picture you can just about see the original dolly on the ground behind the saw. You can also see the new dolly being made. I’ve used glued lap joints. The cheeks of those tenons were cut on the table saw, using my new prototype tenon jig. The casters were reclaimed and given to me by a friend.

wooden-dolly02 Here is a shot of the old dolly in use. The corners of this one are just lapped, not half-lapped. Also it’s bolted together not glued. I like the new design better.

wooden-dolly03 And now the new one’s finished, here’s a shot of the trailer sitting up on both dollies. Very easy to move around now!