walnut-doors-01 As you’d expect first stage is selecting some suitable walnut boards to make these doors from. They’re eventually going into a tiled bathoom unit.

walnut-doors-02 Ripped to size on the bandsaw, and milled to width and thickness on the planer thicknesser.

walnut-doors-03 Wider boards selected and resawn for the panel.

walnut-doors-04 Biscuit slots are around 4mm thick which doesn’t leave much of this 6mm thick panel.

walnut-doors-05 Edge joining.

walnut-doors-06 Frame sawn and milled to size and dowel joints produced (with the Mafell Duo Dowel tool). Panel grooves yet to be routed on the shop-built router table.

walnut-doors-07 Dry assembly.

walnut-doors-08 Dry assembly with the panels

walnut-doors-09 Prefinish the panel - in case it later shrinks and exposes an unfinished area.

walnut-doors-10 Starting to take a shine, a few more coats of oil are still required though.

walnut-doors-11 Installed and in place, ready to use