mahogany-vanity-01 At this point, most of my projects involved a CAD sketch - even if it didn’t include all details. Any kind of scale drawing is great for picking up things that are slightly “off” regarding proportion and so on.

mahogany-vanity-02 The wood is all sapele, utile, or other similar mahogany relatives or lookalikes. Most people don’t realise that freshly sawn mahogany is anywhere from sandy colour to pale skin tone. It’s the stain that makes it looks chestnut brown.

mahogany-vanity-03 The frame members have been milled to size, and had their panel grooves addd.

mahogany-vanity-04 Plywood for use within the panels.

mahogany-vanity-05 The cabinet ends are frame and panel construction.

mahogany-vanity-06 The legs have been tapered, and this is a dry fit up for size.

mahogany-vanity-07 First victims for the stain concoction!

mahogany-vanity-08 Glue up

mahogany-vanity-09 Front doors added now

mahogany-vanity-10 And the final installation. Some minor variation from the CAD drawing, but pretty close overall.